Sweetwater Limo - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
Fees are based on an hourly rental fee (minimum of 3 hours) or a transfer fee (a one way trip charge). Each vehicle is charged differently according to size.

How much does it cost for each additional stop?
Each additional stop is $10.00 - unless you are paying by the hour.
Are there fees in addition to the basic fare?
Gratuity ($) Usually 20%
When does the customer pay for parking?
The Customer pays for the parking only when the driver is requested to park the car at theme parks, sporting events, concerts, ECT.

What are the clients Payment Options?
We accept all major credit cards and personal checks. The fee must be paid 3 days before the event takes place.
When is my credit card going to be charged?
Sweetwater Limousine does not run the charge until 3 days before day of the event.

What is the Cancellation Policy?
Scheduled events must be cancelled 5 days before the event date.   If a cancellation occurs after 5 days before the scheduled event a 25% cancellation fee will be accessed.
What happens with Airport Reservations?
Orlando International Airport requires that we have all flight information from our clients. Flight number and airline are a must. We can get an ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) from our tracking systems. We monitor all arriving flights. If the flight is canceled you must call our office - 407-677-4800 to arrange for an alternative pick up time. Should your flight be cancelled and we are not made aware of the cancellation and our driver has already been dispatched you will be charged for that pick up.
Would you pick us up inside or outside the Airport?
Our procedure is to greet our customers inside the airport at baggage claim. The driver will be holding a sign printed with the passenger’s name. We suggest that if a passenger doesn’t see the driver call us at 407-677-4800 or call the cell number the customers’ services rep gave you when you booked the appointment for the pick up.

With guaranteed on-time service, what happens if we are late?
We are in the industry where lateness is routine, however, we on the other hand have a 99% ON TIME pick up record. We do ask the clientele to call the driver as they land so the driver can meet them at the bagged claim area. If driver does not hear from the client, the driver will then call the cell number provided to the customer services rep to tell them where to meet our driver. If the customer services rep did not get a cell number, the driver will greet you in the bagged claim area with a sign stating the name of the party being picked up. We normally have our drivers standing at the second level (Baggage Claim area) near the information desk.
Who handles the luggage?

Our drivers will be happy to assist with luggage.

Do we sell/offer packages

Contact Us to make a reservation.